Shanghai advertising company compete with you to see the luminous words of Qi Yan fighting the world

The production of luminous words, identify production areas in recent years an increasingly important role to play and meet new standards for urban construction, to the city day and night to add a lot of color. LED word has more and more people are well aware, is currently on the market have a variety of luminous words, with traditional materials and processes, but also new research out of the products, according to the characteristics of different materials, and appeared on the market a lot of new terminology: the word luminous acrylic, resin, luminous characters, words agate light, liquid light word, solid light, colorful light word, quintana luminous characters, LED luminous characters,
Color LED characters of these different names reflect their different characteristics, their respective areas of application are different roles to play, to enrich the performance of light-emitting means identified to play a different role.

The main force widely used - acrylic plastic characters
Plastic characters in recent years the market of new products, acrylic plastic characters to meet the business both day and night effects, colorful, personalized service to provide a unified, which has gradually become the products of acrylic products and brand promotion One of the main products. In China, many international famous enterprises as exemplary role in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and Guangzhou, a growing number of enterprises in love with the acrylic material for the panel, built-in light source identification products. Such as the solid light trim, plastic solid light, plastic light boxes and other three-dimensional character, which not only overcome the traditional neon power consumption, less maintenance inconvenience and lack of pen painting defects, light also has a full color, light transmission uniformity features; the same time, the design of three-dimensional effect, so that products are not only crystal clear night, dazzling, elegant and dignified during the day and also the momentum of heroic, and this is the current popular products such as neon or metal characters such as the level of difficult. For example, with good transparency, pure color, colorful, beautiful and smooth acrylic word, not only take into account the day, night two effects, and a long life, the rain does not affect the results of the characteristics. Advertising signs, advertising towers, billboards, signs, flags, signs and other fields have been widely used not only to foreign acrylic, but also at the current rapid development of the domestic stage, has become the dominant form of outdoor advertising, with much room for development .
Technological innovation ability of liquid light word mosaic
Fluid mosaic, edge production technology of the birth of a traditional method of making acrylic word a major innovation and change. This new technology can not only increase productivity, improve product quality, but also the lowest cost and minimum hours of work a more exquisite production of advertising products and handicrafts. Use it to produce light-emitting logos and other light products, with traditional acrylic products more distinctive in appearance, generally used to identify the production of light. And ordinary, like acrylic, can be achieved during the day and landscaping, night lighting of the target, but the production process is essentially different: the first is the immediacy of technology. Mosaic force the liquid molding process is to take raw materials to produce light directly identify the materials, auxiliary materials costs can be ignored. In the production of light can identify the former size, shape, calculate the amount of raw materials (basic does not produce excess waste), identified with the traditional LED acrylic molding process can save raw material costs compared to more than one third even more. Followed by convenience. Mosaic production of liquid forces during the molding process without the need for heating, electrical cutting procedures, thus saving a lot of electricity, while also eliminating the need for machinery depreciation costs. Mosaic force the liquid molding process is taking a direct and convenient road, not only improves the speed and reduce production costs and achieve a double benefit. Force the liquid molding process of the birth of Mosaic, to light industry to bring an unprecedented impact on identity. With the widespread application of LED light source, the price is bound to be further reduced. Therefore, the market price of light logo will directly depend on the costs incurred by molding process. Mosaic is expected in the future force with liquid molding process identifies the production of LED light, LED sign industry will become the main technology products. Fluid mosaic force production industry will become another new identity alternative materials, full of metal for years to replace the word with a combination of neon lights will become inevitable.
Potential new force - agate solid light
The product is no mold forming a new process for the production of hollow artificial agate font, a shape, without trimming, no sanding, no painting, the surface bright as a mirror. Assembled by my own production company, performance and stability of LED light source, with the appearance of beautiful, three-dimensional sense of strong, soft luster, power and durable characteristics. Whatever can be a separate word font, color can be produced according to need heart can be made into whole body LED characters, whole body-color multi-color light bars, gold quintana luminous characters, silver quintana luminous characters, black characters quintana light (black white, black and red, black become colorful, golden red, golden yellow ... ...) and various color words, clear and beautiful during the day and night Bright and beautiful. Is the market potential of new products luminous words.

Product Overview
New energy-saving agate solid light, the use of electronic technology combined with artificial agate, the unique hollow production process, so that the production process more convenient, fonts, graphics, color one completed, no mold production process, greatly reduced the production of investment and product costs. To overcome the traditional neon lights and plastic characters large investment, high cost, the production of complex, life is short, inconvenient maintenance deficiencies. New Agate solid light during the day as an ordinary type or pattern, the night after the fonts or graphics power can emit red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple and other colored light, colorful, gorgeous. The product can be produced using a variety of three-dimensional advertising arbitrary patterns can be widely used in commercial advertising, hotels, restaurants, handicrafts, entertainment and other fields.

Product Comparison
Agate solid light of new low-cost production process is simple; the traditional neon complex process and high cost; new agate solid light shock, acid and alkali, high intensity: the traditional neon lights do not have any protection, is easily broken, incomplete, leak. New Agate solid light, the use of electronic technology and the combination of artificial agate, IPL, and words into one. At -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ can work properly, long service life. The only traditional neon work at room temperature, short life, inconvenience maintenance. Agate solid light of new LED light source built in the 12 to 24 volts DC voltage. May issue a colorful light font, color can be changed, her clear, strong sense of reality, does not appear the phenomenon of missing pen draw less traditional neon transformer to 220 volts using raised to 15,000 ambush made inert gas in the tube, along the font outline of the pattern of light hair color (less than 10,000 volts can not work), take two colors
Need two sets of glass tubes, fonts too large, the middle strokes off; too small, too complex, the processing does not come out. New Agate solid light energy saving than traditional neon lights, traditional neon light in the course of high pressure to rise, consumption is also large, colorful neon lights while the new work in a safe voltage, normal 80% energy than neon, but also have certain advantages .


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